Dallas Cowboys/New York Yankees Pettiskirt

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Infant, toddler and girls NAVY BLUE/GRAY Pettiskirt accented with a Gray Satin Bow.

Your adorable little one will turn heads with our beautiful soft, extra fluffy navy blue/gray pettiskirt tutu.

These fantastic skirts are truly unique, with beautiful vibrant colors with layers and layers of flowing ruffles that grab lots of attention. The multiple layers create the fluffiest skirts you can imagine. The magic begins when a little girl puts on her very own pettiskirt. Each of our skirts are accented with a satin bow, and soft satin elastic waistband. These are sewn with lots of love using 100% soft nylon chiffon (non-itchy) and each skirt has a built in lining.

Hand wash only in cold water with a mild soap. Roll in towel to semi-dry and then hang to finish drying.